Sterling Hill Adventures

 Rich 1100' level  Steve and Keith after a long day
 Loading explosives for a horizontal drift shot  Preparing to blast a horizontal drift
 Venting after a blast  John climbing down manraise
 Keith climbing up ladderway  Hanging wall & foot wall
 Ore carts  Steve and pillar
 Ladderways  Rich red zincite veins
 Keith yellow zincite  Steve and Keith at 935 stope
 Bulkhead door  Steve filming the old stope
 Rich climbing the ladderway  Steve and Rich videotaping the old shaft
 Steve and Rich videotaping  Scaling to reveal the red zincite veins

 Rich in the old shaft  Steve and old shaft supports
 Steve in the old shaft with lights  Rich in the uraninite vein
 Steve & Keith 935 Stope  Keith in the 935 stope
 Keith over the old shaft  Steve and Keith climbing up the 935 stope