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Andrea Sartori's Web Pages

Triathlon Harriman State Park (of course!) Thursday July 4, 2002

Sandy's Surf Trip to Panama August 2004

Jessica's Graduation Party June 18, 2005

Ed and Jill Faherty's Engagement party October 22, 2005

Skiiing at Mountain Creek with Andrea February 2005

New Year's Eve 2005 Jakes

Max, Michael and Kathy

Daniela's Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, San Diego June 3, 2007



This is Tom

This is long neck Sol, Chris and Tina Triathlon Harriman State Park 2000

Lisa Pallatroni's Web Pages

This is Ed and his big red friend

Ed and Jill's Engagement Party at their house October 22, 2005

Skiing with Andrea Mountain Creek February 2005 (Andrea was awesome! watch the videos!)
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